When a client authorizes PETER HESSEL to translate a text, here is what happens and this is what the client can expect:

Peter Hessel will:

• carefully read the text to gain an overview

• recognize the client's reason for the translation

• take note of the style in the original text

• thoroughly research the terminology

• consult the client about specific terminology

• create a working translation

• check, proofread and revise the translation (quality control)

• do a last spell-check

• create a final version of the translation

• transmit the translation to the client

The translation must be publishable without requiring further revision. The client must be happy with the translation. Peter Hessel must be proud of his work.

Translating is not "typing a text in another language." It requires conscientious professional research, an appropriate layout and great attention to detail. It must lead to the client's FULL SATISFACTION and must meet the client's purpose 100%.

Peter Hessel is not an agency that farms out work to other translators. He has no associates or assistants. He does ALL THE WORK himself.

Peter Hessel stands by his work true to the motto of certified ATIO translators:

Peter Hessel

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